About Mercy Link

 Mercy Link was established by Nawal Zabaneh Kassicieh in 2008 with the intention of extending a hand of mercy to families and disabled children in the Holy Land who earn their living by producing carved olive wood.  Over the years, MercyLink has developed connections with professional wood-carvers as well as amateurs, including a school that trains future carvers.  MercyLink has imported items of varying size and quality from these Holy Land sources.   The average U.S. buyer of carved olive wood is a Christian believer who values the Holy Land and prizes materials grown and crafted there because of their deep spiritual significance and connection with the land on which our Lord walked, 2000 years ago.
Carvings that we market include crosses, Bibles, Christmas ornaments, nativity sets, and Last Supper sets.  Carving and crafting of olive wood is a trade that is traditionally practiced among many Christian families in the Holy Land, and it has been handed down parent-to-child through the generations over the centuries.
Mercy Link imports such handcrafted items from fine artisans and from a school located outside Bethlehem.  This school serves orphans as well as children with learning disabilities who require special attention.  Same children learn this craft in addition to standard school curriculum, and wood-carving skills equip them to support themselves later on in life.  The school’s main support comes from sales of carvings produced by the children.   
 Being a link of mercy between the United States and the Holy Land was the reason that Nawal chose “Mercy Link” as her business name.  Carvings are available for online sale as well as in-person purchases at local craft fairs in Southern California.