About Olive Trees

The Olive Tree has religious significance.  In the Old Testament, Olive Oil was used for anointing, to light the lamps in the temple of Jerusalem and for healing and cleansing. The Olive Tree is a sign of peace between God and mankind.

 The farmers in the Holy Land protect their trees and take special care not to damage them.  Only the pruning of the tree is used to create the beautiful carvings.

Handsaws are used to prune the trees, because smoke from diesel or gas saws may affect the taste of the olives and the olive oil.

 Olive trees have a natural heavy and rich grain in it.  As the tree ages, the grain becomes darker and richer in color.  Therefore each handcrafted item becomes a unique meaningful gift that reminds us of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

 Each faith-inspiring item was crafted by individuals who learned this craft from their fathers and grandfathers.

They kept this beautiful ancient tradition for hundreds of years.  It involves the skillful chiseling of olive wood and is most common in the Bethlehem region.